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Meta-meta-Catching Up

Catching up on life has been a top priority since my departure from Azeroth in May 2011. It is because of WoW that the games list and quite a few of the other sections of DJHicks.net were totally out of date by about two years. This problem has, for the most part been remedied. I just finished the January 2012 video game inventory update. My backlog of blogs will be trickled out over the next couple of months beginning now. The following was written over New Year’s weekend about a month ago.

We’re still at the cabin in Cosby, Tennessee. My second goal for the New Years escape was to catch up on my backlog of blogs. Since early last year I have been accumulating notes for possible blog topics. I wrote the following on my phone sometime around May of 2011. I arrived 30 or so minutes early for class and decided to stay in the car to write (or I guess, thumb type) while listening to Opie & Anthony on SiriusXM. While old, it was completed, so why would I not post it? Here you go:

So, I was doing some research while driving to school and came upon the 2011 Grammy nominees for best score. Can you tell what's missing from this list?

Best Score Soundtrack

Toy Story 3 – Randy Newman (winner)

Alice in Wonderland – Danny Elfman

Avatar – James Horner

Inception – Hans Zimmer

Sherlock Holmes – Hans Zimmer

... You're going to sit there and tell me that effin' Randy Newman's recycled Toy Story album takes home the big W while Daft Punk's completely fresh & original Tron Legacy score isn't even nominated? The Grammys are worthless and their nominators are either out of touch, or too old and lame to decipher innovation from effing Randy the ef Newman.

The only redemption would be if Tron Legacy fell outside the timeframe for the 2011 nominations. The list did contain Avatar, which came out in 2009. If this is the case I expect a Daft Punk nomination and/or win for 2012 unless something mind-blowing comes out between now and then.

January 29th, 2012 update: Nothing has trounced the Tron Legacy soundtrack to date.

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