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Same old ...crap, just a different year.

To celebrate the New Year Jennifer and I traveled to a cabin in north Tennessee with no internet, television service, or cell phone reception. I figured I could use this time off the grid to complete random things without the distractions of Mass Effect 2 and Battlefield 3. The first item on my docket was organizing the months of pictures that have built up over the past few months from various devices. This proved to be more difficult than it ever should have been.

I took my MacBook Air to accomplish the various digital things on the aforementioned list. On this laptop I dual boot with OSX Lion and Windows 7 Home Premium. This is necessary because I am not a fan of OSX, but I do like the compact form factor of the Air. Unfortunately Asus announced the Zenbook a couple of weeks after I ordered the MacBook. Oh well, that’s how it goes. Anyway, for Apple products to be marketed so heavily toward artsy individuals, they sure make it difficult to quickly manage and edit large quantities of photos. Perhaps I am missing something. All I need is the ability to navigate through a folder of pictures using the left and right arrow keys. Convenient options of rotation and deletion being one easy tap or click away would be nice too. This is the default method of browsing pictures in Windows using File Explorer and Photo Viewer. On the Mac side of the notebook I have had to customize the “Preview” program to sort of do this with awesome results like:

Since I can blaze through the picture sorting process using Windows, I switched over and began to work. I ran into another issue concerning the pictures I have taken, specifically with the iPhone 4S. To get pictures off my phones in the past I have plugged them into a PC, dragged, and dropped. I do this now with the 4S and the pictures are turned crazy ways like upside down. When I rotate and save them in Windows using the picture viewer I receive a message stating something like, “You do not have permission to edit the photo.” I respond with, “(insert various vulgar retorts).” I figured out how to bypass this nonsense by opening a folder of pictures in bulk with Microsoft Office 2010 Picture Manager, then rotating and saving them en masse. After doing this to a few hundred pictures I rebooted to OSX because that’s where my Dropbox photos folder is sync’d. When I attempted to edit the Dropbox pictures across partitions I was denied. So yeah, another inconvenience most likely thanks to Apple. Perhaps I could share the folder and solve the problem. I’ll try that later. For now I have had to keep the pictures on my flash drive.

In OSX, when opening the iPhone 4S pictures that I just fixed in Windows 7, they are all crazy ways again. The opposite crazy of the crazy before the rotation. (If you’re new to the Blog or to me in general, I phrase things weirdly for comedic affect. I know that sentence was horrible and it’s also kind of a metaphor for how ridiculous this whole process has been.) Somehow Apple has, as far as I can tell, unreasonably made photos taken with their devices retain separate properties/characteristics when viewing them on Apple products. This is extremely frustrating and I cannot fathom a valid reason for such an idea. I shall sort this out when I get home to an internet connection and a real PC. First goal: incomplete.

Follow up: The weird rotation thing is due to the photo's orientation data which was read by OSX but not by Windows 7. It is utilized in Windows 8 and all is well with the world.

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