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Mom & Dad, I present to you the primordial god of darkness.

My parents bought their PC maybe 7 years ago. Stock, the eMachines desktop ran Windows XP, came with a 5400 RPM 80GB hard drive, 512MB (2x256MB) of DDR memory, Intel integrated graphics w/VGA port, and an AMD 3800+ single-core CPU. Over the years I have had to fix it several times because of either hardware failure or stupid user software mistakes. I reinstalled Windows twice, upgraded the video card to a crappy discrete graphics card, quadrupled the memory to 2GB of performance RAM, replaced the optical drive twice, replaced the storage with a 7200 RPM 500GB HDD, replaced the 15” 1024x768 eMachines VGA monitor with a 20” 1440x900 Asus DVI display, and replaced the PS/2 trackball mouse with a wireless USB optical mouse.

A few weeks ago while visiting my parents I attempted to use their computer to show them a YouTube video at a resolution of 720p. The piece of crap couldn’t even play the video at one frame per second. I was saddened and curious if my gaming PC from 2002 would have the same problem. I went home, started it up and had the same issue. This thing has an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and it still couldn’t stably play the video. That night I decided they needed a new computer, because no human should be deprived of YouTube.

Both of my parents have birthdays this week; one on the 23rd and the other on the 25th. I never remember whose is on which day. Since my folks needed a functional computer and I had a couple of aging gaming PCs, I figured I’d give them one and replace it with something more current. I chose to sacrifice Erebus and ordered the parts for Shepard last week. My personal computer naming scheme has traditionally pulled from Greek and Roman mythology. After recently completing Mass Effect 1 and 2 I was inspired to name this one after the main protagonist, John Shepard. This was due mostly to the case I picked out. NZXT’s Phantom 410 mid-tower case looks like something straight out of the Mass Effect universe. I kept the WiFi card and Radeon 6850 from Erebus to use in Shepard. After delivering their birthday present around 10:30 PM last Saturday night I tutored them on Windows 7 until almost 2:00 AM.

What would normally have taken a couple of hours; I spent all day Friday building Shepard. The reason for the time inflation is because I filmed every step to make a tutorial video for my YouTube channel. I have always wanted to create helpful instructional projects and share my random knowledge with the world. After several failed attempts at writing tutorials (because of distractions and forgetting to finish them) this seemed like a prime opportunity to complete one. The videos still have to be edited so they haven’t been posted yet, but I will inform everyone as soon as they are done.

Follow up: The video for Shepard is embedded above.

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    Mom & Dad, I present to you the primordial god of darkness. - Blog - DJHicks.net

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We thank you so much for such a wonderful gift, son. You are too good to us. We appreciate all you do. We love you !

March 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDorothy

I just noticed your posting of our pic's and about our birthday's. You are such a great son!!! Thanks so much for the computer. We are truly enjoying it. We Love you and Jennifer!

May 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDorothy
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