To boldly go where no one has gone before...

Jennifer and I were making excellent time driving back from our Floridian vacation. With both of us being Trekkers, I suggested we go watch the new Star Trek film which premiered this weekend. Jennifer googled Star Trek IMAX and it just so happened that we were approximately a mile away from a theater meeting the search criteria.

So, I watched the J. J. Abrams rendition Star Trek last night at the IMAX and I must say; it was fantastic. Great casting on all parts, especially James Tiberius Kirk. This kid came out of nowhere and pulled it off like a pro. Also, this film does have the same characters as the original series, but it begins a new alternate timeline as to avoid any discrepancies with the cannon. Anyway, I fully recommend to everyone that they go see it. Even if you aren't a fan of Star Trek, this has universal science fiction appeal.


Welcome to my new site!

I just got this thing so I haven't had time to add a lot of content yet. My plan is to have many sections ranging from video game stuff and PC tech stuff, to blog posts about the goings on in my and my wife's lives. This is my wife Jennifer:

She wants a section on the site as well so that might be the most... interesting part.

Oh well, it's 12:48 and I have to go to work early in the morning. After work, Jennifer and I are taking a road trip to see her granny in south Georgia and then some Florida. Right neaa da beeech. Boyee! Laudamercy.<-- Follow-up: Jennifer apparently doesn't get this. Dave Chappell in Half Baked pretending to be a rastafarian.

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