All I can say is wow.

I absolutely love this game. If I hadn't already tied the knot, I would marry Battlefield 3.


I love this time of year.

We’re about to head to my aunt and uncle’s house where my dad’s extended family usually gathers on holidays. Jennifer is making deviled eggs in the kitchen. I’m updating Age of Empires Online. That game has some monstrous patches. I finished Mass Effect in 41 hours. Ten of those were probably spent managing my inventory. It was a fantastic game, though it hasn’t aged particularly well. According to Giant Bomb, the sequel improved over its predecessor in every possible way. So that is on my list of things to do over Christmas break along with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and perhaps another play-through of RAGE.

I am thankful that Button is alive and kicking after falling thirty or so feet out of a tree. He’s my special boy (in “Dr. Evil referring to Mini-Me” voice). Tuesday game nights have been consumed by Battlefield Play4Free. But I guess that's how it usually goes. We’ll concentrate on one game for weeks or months depending on its longevity. Prior to BFP4F it was Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Before BFBC2 it was Age of Empires III. The game of choice also kind of depends on money. We would probably be playing Battlefield 3, but I can’t justify spending $60 each for additional copies. Perhaps Origin will have a holiday sale akin to Steam’s annual Christmas blowout.

AOEO is still downloading that patch. It has been like 30 minutes. If I lived 20 miles to the north where EPB offers fiber-optic broadband service this process would be almost instantaneous. That is depressing. On a more positive note, Jennifer just screwed up one of the eggs so I snatched it up. I love the white part of boiled eggs which is nice because Jennifer likes the cholesterol-ridden yolks. So, Easter works out great for both of us. It’s 12:24pm and we’re supposed to show up with the eggs at 1:00. I should go see if Jennifer was successful. Levi, Jason, and I are going to Best Buy tonight for Black Friday. Have a nice Thanksgiving.


Guilty Pleasure 11.18.11

I have I serious problem with the Decemberists’ lead singer. He intentionally pronounces words incorrectly to sound unique, artsy, whatever, and I absolutely can’t stand it. Now that that’s out of the way; Lana Del Rey does the same thing and I can’t resist the allure of her single “Blue Jeans.” I have been trying to narrow down why she is okay with me and that pretentious douche from the Decemberists isn’t.  I determined that it’s because back in the day I liked No Doubt and Gwen Stefani pulls the same crap. This girl is riding the pout-mouth-voice a little harder, but nevertheless I love this song at the moment. Perhaps the freshness has captured me and I’ll get over it later. As for now, I’m going to listen to this again.


No Sleep Till... Brooklyn!

I just noticed I was developing a 1000 yard stare out the library window. I have been awake for thirty something hours. I have found that when approaching a deadline, I am extremely motivated to accomplish personal goals instead of staying on target to complete the main objective. I have to read three books today, er… yesterday and today since they have become one to me. I have begun every sentence in this paragraph with “I” and all but one is followed by “have.”

I’m about to do some homework that isn’t due for a little while because… I don’t really know why. I guess it’s the right thing to do. The assignments won’t take too long, but I would rather do something else at the moment… like write this blog. I have to give two speeches the day we come back from Thanksgiving break. So, that sucks. Man, I thought I could delay this crash for at least a couple more hours. I have been to two classes so far today. After the next one I have to take the stupid Georgia Regents English essay test. It shouldn’t be too much trouble since I’m “creatively” writing a lot nowadays. <= That is actually a word. I kind of assumed MS Word would correct me.

I was considering a name change for I tried CynicalBastard, but it was taken. CynicalJerk however was not. This is just a thought. kind of makes me sound like a douche. I figured CynicalBastard would enable readers to humorously overlook the fact that I built a monument to myself on the internet. I really wish I could commit to updating all the things I need to update on here. Currently Mass Effect is holding me back. After that it’ll probably be more Battlefield 3. That game is so good. ME is good too, but it’s no BF3. That’s stupid, of course it’s not, because they’re completely different and ME came out four years ago. My vision is starting to blur a bit. I’ll shotgun an energy drink before the silly regent’s test.

I’m looking forward to this stupid mofo 10 feet to my left choking on his own tongue. Loud-breath-laughing, luxury car driving, track suit wearing every day, scum aspiring to be douche. The sentence I was about to type before crap-face over there distracted me: I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving with my extended family next week. It has been a while since I have seen some of them. I have a pleasant time hanging out, playing cards and stuff.

Today is mine and Jennifer’s 3 year anniversary. I love her. I’m going to call her after this test to see if she’d be up for Porter’s Steakhouse since we have the Living Social deal. Our little kitten with a broken leg, Button, is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Hopefully he has healed and the doc can remove the pin and maybe that testicle that’s inside his body. Douche bag just track-jacketed by; that’s my cue to sign off.


Hiking Trip 2011

Instead of going to the 2011 Penny Arcade Expo as I did the previous two Labor Day weekends, I decided to take a break since nothing of significance would be shown. Jennifer decided we should take another hiking trip, but farther this time. So, we began our journey at 2:17pm on Saturday September 3rd, 2011 and traveled 6.7 miles of Old Settler’s Trail. This may not sound like much, but carrying a person (full backpack) on your hips/shoulders up and down mountains is a little more difficult than walking on a flat street or track. Anyway, after reaching our destination of Campsite 33 at 6:52pm, I built a fire and we feasted upon grilled hotdogs and water.

Breakfast consisted of Nature Valley granola bars and Gatorade. After packing up we started walking at 10:52am. The first leg of Sunday’s journey involved hiking the remaining 9.2 miles of Old Settler’s Trail, which apparently no one had done in a while. At times the path was indistinguishable from its surrounding flora. At around lunch time the rain began to fall. I wasn’t made aware of the hurricane that was due to hit the east coast on the weekend of our camping trip. The rain was actually a blessing. Even though the trail became slippery and the creeks got a little deeper, at least I had a constant cooling system. At the end of Old Settler’s Trail we took a 30 minute break. All that was left for the day was 1.8 miles on Gabe’s Mountain Trail. With a Sunday total of 11 miles we at arrived at Campsite 34 at 6:48pm. I again built a fire, but it only lasted about an hour because all the wood in the forest was soaked, as were we.

It rained all night and the tent wasn’t completely waterproof. It was more like water resistant. When I awoke from the miniscule amount of sleep I was able to obtain, my head and feet were resting in pools of water at both ends of my side of the tent. Jennifer found this particularly humorous. I have told her in the past that bad luck follows me around and I think finally at this moment she realized it was true. We hit the trail at 9:25am with only 4.8 miles left to go. It rained harder than it had before and I eventually saw firsthand why this section of the Appalachian Trail is called the Smoky Mountains. We made it back to civilization at 11:56am.

But our journey didn’t end there. On the way home we stopped by the outlet malls in Pigeon Forge to find some shoes for me to wear. The plan failed and we continued on our way. When we got home we were welcomed by the devastation resulting from forgetting about and leaving two of our crazy dogs inside the house. Jennifer’s mom found them in there on Saturday when she went to check on the animals. She cleaned up a little, but the damage was too great.

Summary: 15 hours spent hiking 22.5 miles up the Smoky Mountains and through the jungles of Vietnam over a 3 day period. Check out photos of the trip here.