A weekend to be thankful for

After spending Thanksgiving Day with my families I went home to play some Modern Warfare 2 before leaving for Black Friday. I tried to get some sleep, but it didn’t work out. We left at 1:40 AM and met Jason at a gas station near his house. When we arrived at Best Buy shortly after 2:00 AM there were 136 people camped out. I know this because a girl who was smoking and looked pregnant went down the line counting. During out 3 hour wait we watched The Price Is Right on Levi’s Droid and warmed by the propane heater my brother-in-law Buddy let me borrow.

My intention was to pick up the Samsung refrigerator in Best Buy's ad for $1000 off, but there weren’t any in stock. They were able to order me one, but get this; when I go up to the guy to request it, he says there was a manufacturer pricing error and that the discount is only $700 instead of $1000. I got it anyway because it’s cheaper than full price, but come on. Left 4 Dead 2 for the Xbox 360 was on sale so I picked it up to play with my console friends. I went home and slept all day. When I awoke, Jennifer was about to get home from work. We ate and then I played Modern Warfare 2 while she slept beside me on the couch.

For our one year anniversary Jennifer got me tickets to see Metric. And on Saturday night, that is just what we did. Instead of driving home for two hours after the show, we stayed in Atlanta at the Artmore Hotel which was a block from the venue, Center Stage. We woke up and ate at Houston’s and it was strikingly similar to J. Alexander’s. After lunch we went to the High Museum, Phipps Plaza, and Super Target. On the way home we stopped by the Tanger Outlets in Calhoun. For dinner we ate sushi at Kobe in Fort Oglethorpe. The night was topped off with Die Hard. It was an excellent end to a wonderful holiday.


The Metal, it comes from hell.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a hardcore/metalcore/death metal show with my good pal Levi. While my primary objective was to see Unearth, I was also anticipating Hatebreed a great deal. I have a few Hatebreed MP3s and a CD I borrowed from a friend a few years ago. Tyler, if you want it back, I found it. I imagined Hatebreed as a Pantera-looking bunch with long frizzy hair upon their heads and faces. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The whole band looked like they were involved in some kind of organized crime. The lead singer was full of energy and was genuinely having fun. Watch these videos in High Quality if you have a connection that can handle it.

The almighty Unearth came and as usual, gave their exquisite metal rendition of perfection. I can’t say I have ever seen these guys put on show that could be described as anything but epic. So, behold the greatest Metalcore band in the universe:

Cannibal Corpse also performed that night. I say performed because I honestly can't say they were playing music. I have never really been confounded at a show before, but wow. I mean WOW. This band is a complete joke. The amazing part is; they are the band a majority of the crowd came to see. In my not so humble opinion, this band is unbelievably horrid. I considered uploading the video I took of them, but quickly realized that would be a waste of YouTube's infinite resources.


Thankful A to Z

Yesterday at work my department started a chain email. We were supposed to take turns saying what we were thankful for beginning with the letter A and going through the alphabet. As silly as it sounds, I liked it, and thought I could probably go through the entire alphabet on my own. So, that's what I'm doing here.






My Cats


My Dogs




My Family and Friends




My Home






Kettle Chips


Left 4 Dead 2


Modern Warfare 2


Night Vision Goggles


The Onion


My PCs


Quad-core processors


Reece’s Cups






USB flash drives




Windows 7


Xbox 360




Zune HD



Stand and Deliver

I went to the midnight launch event for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 at Hamilton Place Mall. There were two Xbox 360s set up with split-screen multiplayer sessions going on so I jumped in and got my butt handed to me. I TOTALLY blame the 4-players on a small crappy Vizio TV, but hey, whatever... After an hour of waiting in line with my friend Nick and his brother, I walked out with a new game and some fresh night vision goggles.

I arrived home to find Jennifer folding clothes while watching a mummy documentary. We played with the night vision for a few minutes and then I put the game in. from 12:40ish to almost 4:00am I played the multiplayer with Sig, Sandi, and Derek from work. I woke up when Jennifer left for work and started on the single player campaign. I finished it in 5 hours and 17 minutes. Then I went back to Xbox LIVE for multiplayer until 10:30pm. I took a dinner break and watched the new Heroes, but other than that, I played the crap out of Modern Warfare 2.

This game is so good. I had to give the following advice to my friends at work: “By the way, if any of you do not own Modern Warfare 2 yet, either proceed to your local retailer and pick it up or shoot yourselves in the face. Death would be better than missing out on this game.” I'm joking, of course. But heed these true words spoken by an honest man. Now, off to play more Hardcore Team Deathmatch.


FYI: The world is a vampire. It sucks!

It’s no secret the mainstream media loves Apple. Every day I read articles brainwashing the public with unwarranted praise for Apple products and services. News outlets promote the atrocious company every chance they get. Today I picked up a supposedly reputable magazine and learned a valuable lesson. Never trust a review from Consumer Reports.

This for-the-consumer periodical claims they do not receive payment from companies but they do accept products to test. This is so they can have fair and balanced reviews. You know who else claims to be fair and balanced? FOX News! I just read over the Consumer Reports “Best New Electronics” feature and Apple’s MacBooks were first in every laptop section. While the construction of their devices is top notch, "winning" every category is complete bullcrap. Apple is notorious for making underpowered computers and charging twice what they’re worth.

Consumer Reports also mislead their readers by listing the processors differently as to not expose their lies. The CPUs in the MacBooks are labled with the speed (GHz) of the chip. The CPUs for everyone else are listed by their models (T6500, etc). I know for a fact that the second place Windows laptops in every category are more powerful and feature rich than the “comparable” MacBook. Even the stats listed in the charts blow every Mac out of the water. In the words of Snoop Doggy Dogg: “Everywhere I look, everywhere I go. I see the same ho.”