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Hardware - I demonstrate how to build, use, and maintain computer hardware and tech gadgets.


Software - Installations, benchmarks, security, and general usage of software from web browsers to operating systems.


Unboxing - Opening and examining new computer parts and random electronic devices.


Guns - Assembly, disassembly, cleaning, modifications, and shooting firearms.


Travel - Vacations, road trips, conventions, etc.


Personal - Events, accomplishments, and miscellaneous things from my life.


Productions - Movies that I have either made or in which I've been involved.


The Uneventful Life of Button - My cat doing nothing interesting.


Pets - Random videos featuring my animal friends.


Video Games (Miscellaneous) - Videos of various video games.


Battlefield 3 - In-game footage of me playing the PC version of Battlefield 3.


Halo - In-game footage of me playing various Halo games.


Shows - Songs and clips of songs recorded from some concerts I've attended.


Jennifer - My wife, being herself.